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Harrogate draw Aubrey Spalton Match

posted 24 Apr 2012, 14:19 by Andrew Zigmond   [ updated 3 May 2012, 06:26 by Christopher Tomsett ]
Harrogate drew the 2012 Aubrey Spalton match 8-8 on Monday 23rd April


The main news from April has to be the club's 8-8 draw with York in the 13th annual Aubrey Spalton memorial match. Most members will probably have seen the full result but for those that haven't.

1 Mick Stokes 1-0 J Woolley

2 Douglas McKerracher 0-1 J-L Weller

3 Jonathan Round 0-1 P Gower

4 Mark Daley 0-1 P Weller

5 Chris Miller 1/2-1/2 P Barber

6 Raymond Baker 0-1 P Johnson

7 Colin Burt 0-1 J Griffith

8 Brian Coop 1-0 P Cloudsdale

9 Andrew Zigmond 0-1 H Lockwood

10 Jack Duckworth 1/2-1/2 N Andrews

11 Charlie Callis 1-0 D Short

12 Gary Cooper 0-1 N Pearce

13 Gordon Marks 1-0 S Sriharan

14 Richard Tate 1-0 P Masiak

15 Peter Gregory 1-0 M Beavers

16 Malcolm McHugh 1-0 R Mitchinson

I would like to thank all players and supporters on the night, particularly Ranyl Hughes who was dispatched to Sainsburys for paper plates! Richard Tate's buffet was as excellent as ever (I'm sure I'm not the only one who ate far too much). The biggest vote of thanks must go to Margaret Rowley who did most of the legwork in organising the team and the date.