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Aubrey Spalton Memorial Trophy 2015

posted 24 Apr 2015, 14:53 by Andrew Zigmond
The 16th annual Aubrey Spalton match was played on Thursday 23rd April 2015. Harrogate were only able to muster fourteen players while York had eighteen so York lent us two of their players to ensure an evenly balanced match.

At first the match appeared to be going York's way but Harrogate pulled back a couple of wins to ensure that the gap was never more than one point. Finally the match hinged upon the games on boards 1,4,15 & 16 all of which went to time scrambles in inconclusive positions. Brian Coop kept his nerve to finish off his opponent, Mate Ther again showed a clock handling ability over his years and Mick Stokes drew on top board in a game that came down to the final few seconds. For an instant Harrogate were ahead but unfortunately the final game went against us meaning that the match ended in an 8-8 draw. It should of course be noted that if the York vs York boards were removed York would have run out 7 1/2 - 6 1/2 winners.

The score is now 13-1 in York's favour with two draws, however this marks the first time Harrogate have achieved anything in an away year.

It only remains for me to thank York and especially Richard Hardy as captain for their hospitality and we all look forward to the 17th installment.

The full results were as follows with York substitutes noted as such.

1 Mick Stokes 1/2-1/2 Richard Allis
2 Douglas McKerracher 1-0 Richard Hardy
3 Paul Prichard 0-1 Paul Barner
4 Brian Coop 1-0 Arron Barker
5 Jonathan Round 1/2-1/2 Dan Staples
6 Gordon Marks 0-1 Paul Johnson
7 Kevin Plaxton (sub) 1/2-1/2 Noel Stewart
8 Stuart Johnson 0-1 Adam Ismail
9 Andrew Zigmond 0-1 Peter Cloudsdale
10 Richard Tate 1-0 Neville Pearce
11 Richard White 1/2-1/2 Norman Andrews
12 Jim Postill 1-0 Bob Maltby
13 Ranyl Hughes 0-1 Steve Jennings
14 Paul Masiak (sub) 1-0 Sid Kirby
15 Mate Ther 1-0 Derek Toyne
16 Margaret Rowley 0-1 Mick Beavers