Harrogate Chess Club at the British Chess Championships

posted 12 Aug 2018, 06:01 by Andrew Zigmond

The 2018 British Chess Championships were held at the city hall in Hull, the closest they have been to home since Sheffield 2011. While Hull was perhaps not a destination venue in the same way as Llandudno 2017 was the Hull & District Association rose to occasion and collaborated with the English Chess Federation to put on a championship to remember. The highlight of their program was a living chess demonstration outside the venue on Wednesday. Initially this was a prepared game but expanded to enable play in real time. Mate Ther was watching and the organisers invited him to take on a local player and Mate duly stole the show, winning an instructive game fought to the last pawn and containing several promotions, done with good humour throughout.

Mate managed to juggle this with score 3.5/7 in the Under 16s (played in the morning) and 3.5/5 in the U2050 (afternoon). Other Harrogate participants were Douglas McKerracher in the Over 65s (2/5/7) and Andrew Zigmond (4/5 in the Soanes weekender and 2/5 in the U1750.

The attached files show Mate in action.

Harrogate Junior Chess Tournament 24/3/2018

posted 25 Mar 2018, 14:48 by Andrew Zigmond   [ updated 25 Mar 2018, 14:55 ]

The Harrogate & District Primary Schools Chess Association (HDPSCA) held their annual tournament on Saturday 24th of March at St Aidan's School. Several members of the Harrogate Chess Club supervised on the day and HCC Chairman Andrew Zigmond presented the prizes at the end of the day.

The winners were as follows;

Year 6 1st Tom Osborne (Harrogate Junior Chess Club) 2nd= Finlay McCreanor & Ollie Poyser-Senior (both HJCC)
Year 5 1st Edward Evans (HJCC) 2nd= Thomas Bentley (HJCC) & Louis Mills (HJCC)
Year 4 1st Penelope McCreanor (HJCC) 2nd= Jacob Kell & Archie Sculthorp (both Oatlands)
Year 3 and under 1st Dylan Mawhinney (Richard Taylor) 2nd= David Ther (HJCC) & Jacob Turnbull (Oatlands)

Harrogate Junior Chess Club won the Trumper cup for best school with Oatlands school second.

Book prizes were awarded for best girl (Penelope McCreanor), best mate (Georgina Scott) and best game (Tom Osborne). The Harrogate & District is a registered charity promoting primary school chess in the area. More details can be found on their website

The photograph below shows Mick Stokes (chairman HDPSCA) and Andrew Zigmond (chairman HCC) at the prizegiving.

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Raymond Slatcher Memorial Trophy 2018

posted 25 Mar 2018, 11:44 by Andrew Zigmond

On Tuesday 13th March Harrogate players traveled to Ilkley to contest the 2018 match in memory of Raymond Slatcher. Incredibly this is already the sixteenth match in the series' the first being held in 2003 and only four members of the Harrogate team not being in position to remember Raymond Slatcher personally.

The match was exceptionally close on paper with some fascinating pairings; not least a relatively rare Stokes Rogerson clash on top board. In the end Ilkley proved more tenacious to run out narrow but convincing winners, the match being won on a clean sweep of boards 3-7.

Harrogate's wins all merit mention. The youngest member of the team, Mate Ther, was our first scorer when he crushed his experienced opponent. The game of the match may have been on board 8 where Richard Tate was forced to concede a rook for several pawns which he used to launch a devastating counter attack. Stuart Johnson saw off his opponent in convincing style while Cameron Funnell won on time on his Slatcher debut.

So the trophy returns to Ilkley who extend their lead in the series. As ever the 2019 installment is eagerly awaited.

1 Mick Stokes 0-1 Mark Rogerson
2 Brian Coop 1/2-1/2 Chris Wright
3 Mate Ther 1-0 Robin Browne
4 Michael Johnson 0-1 Lee Crawford
5 David Harasym 0-1 William Boothman
6 Gordon Marks 0-1 David Adam
7 Andrew Zigmond 0-1 Barry Taylor
8 Richard Tate 1-0 Bill Tait
9 Stuart Johnson 1-0 Chris Woodthorpe
10 Jim Postill 0-1 Peter Ward
11 Cameron Funnell 1-0 Arthur Thompson
12 Ranyl Hughes 1/2-1/2 Martin Hawkins

Junior team tournament announced.

posted 11 Oct 2017, 11:56 by Andrew Zigmond   [ updated 13 Oct 2017, 09:22 by Christopher Tomsett ]

Harrogate Chess Club and the Harrogate & District Primary Schools Chess Association are pleased to announce that a junior team chess tournament will be held at the St Robert's Club on the morning of Saturday 18th November. Entries from schools of between 4-6 players are invited.

Entries and enquiries should be sent to the following email addresses
PRIMARY Mick Stokes 01423 879245
SECONDARY Andrew Zigmond 01423 538142

Secondary school players are free to enter individually as composite teams will be formed although priority will be given to putting players from the same school together. Different rules may apply to primary schools.

2017 AGM

posted 17 Sep 2017, 12:04 by Andrew Zigmond   [ updated 13 Oct 2017, 08:59 by Christopher Tomsett ]

The AGM took place on Monday 11th September and proved to be straightforward enough (as an AGM should be) with all business transacted in just over an hour. There were several changes at officer level, the most substantial being Richard Tate stepping back into his old role as secretary after two years as membership and minutes secretary. Margaret Rowley has stood down as C Team captain with Andrew Zigmond taking on the running of the team. Both Margaret and the outgoing business secretary, Paul Pritchard, will continue as members of the committee alongside the newly elected Chris Watt. Brian Coop and Richard White have stepped down from the committee.

2017-18 SEASON

posted 30 Aug 2017, 09:35 by Andrew Zigmond

Harrogate Chess Club re-opens for the new season on Monday 4th September and any new or returning members are welcome. The first Monday will be a normal club night with the AGM held the following week (11th September). The junior chess clubs locally open for their new season the same week and the first Saturday match will be on Saturday 23rd September.

Looking forward to seeing you then!

Aubrey Spalton Memorial Trophy

posted 21 Apr 2017, 10:13 by Andrew Zigmond

Eleven players on each side contested the 18th annual match with York, played in memory of the late Aubrey Spalton. York were hoping to regain the trophy after Harrogate's surprise win last year and turned out a solid team that on paper looked difficult for Harrogate to beat. However the match was close and ultimately hinged on the last board to finish.

Cameron Funnell was making his Spalton match debut and was the first on the scoreboard with a draw against an experienced opponent. After that York began to notch up the wins as their greater strength on the top boards told, although all games were full of fight. Harrogate finally scored their first win when Richard White played impressively to overcome one of the bigger individual grading deficits.

There were two other Harrogate wins, both came in the closing stages of the match and both merit mention. Eleven year old Max Parkhouse was the other Harrogate debutante and played impressively to win his first game against experienced adult opposition. At the other end of the board order Mick Stokes kept his nerve to defeat York skipper Richard Hardy in the time scramble.

York's victory was their 14th from 18 matches, Harrogate have won 2 with 2 matches drawn.

(Harrogate players first)
1 Mick Stokes 1-0 Richard Hardy
2 Brian Coop 0-1 Joel Wagg
3 David Harasym 0-1 Paul Johnson
4 Michael Johnson 0-1 Joshua Fernandez
5  Gordon Marks 0-1 Paul Barber
6 Andrew Zigmond 0-1 Barry Marshall
7 Richard White 1-0 Tom Leah
8 Cameron Funnell 1/2-1/2 Adam Ismael
9 Richard Tate 1/2-1/2 Neville Pearce
10 Margaret Rowley 1/2-1/2 Bob Maltby
11 Max Parkhouse 1-0 Mick Beavers
HARROGATE 4 1/2 YORK 6 1/2

Raymond Slatcher Memorial Trophy

posted 21 Apr 2017, 07:47 by Andrew Zigmond

(a slightly belated report)

Harrogate hosted the 2017 installment of the annual series against Ilkley on February 27th which saw Ilkley come out as winners by the narrowest possible margin; despite the visitors sweeping into an early lead they never lost. Harrogate's most impressive individual result came on top board where Mark Daley defeated Mark Rogerson and Michael Johnson did well to defeat a dangerous opponent. Harrogate's third win came from Richard Tate who once again provided an excellent buffet for all participants.

Prior to the match tributes were paid to Jonathon Swallow and a collection was held to raise funds for the Motor Neurone Disease Association in memory of Jonathon and Raymond Slatcher who also lost his life to MND. £110 was raised and will hopefully aid the fight against this terrible illness.

The full results were as follows (Harrogate players first);
1 Mark Daley 1-0 Mark Rogerson
2 Paul Pritchard 0-1 Chris Wright
3 Brian Coop 0-1 Robin Browne
4 Michael Johnson 1-0 Lee Crawford
5 David Harasym 1/2-1/2 William Boothman
6 Mate Ther 0-1 Stuart Johnson
7 Andrew Zigmond 1/2-1/2 Peter Ward
8 Richard Tate 1-0 Arthur Thompson
9 Peter Gregory 1/2-1/2 Martin Hawkins
10 Ranyl Hughes 0-1 Max Shaw

Harrogate Youth Chess Club in Harrogate Advertiser

posted 23 Jan 2017, 04:54 by Andrew Zigmond

An article about the new club for secondary school students has been published on the Harrogate Advertiser website with the article and photo hopefully appearing in next Thursday's (26th Jan) paper.

To expand on the article, Harrogate has always had a good offer for primary school children wanting to learn chess with many primary schools running clubs and the Harrogate & District Primary Schools Chess Association co-ordinating activity and running an annual tournament. More recently Pat Sutcliffe founded the Harrogate Junior Chess Club which is setting the standard across Yorkshire.

What Harrogate does not have is any offer for Secondary School pupils who leave Primary school to find no chess club and no opportunity and encouragement to keep on playing. The HYCC was founded by Andrew Zigmond as part of the Harrogate Chess Club to address this situation.

Andrew has been a member of Harrogate Chess Club since he was 13 years old and is currently the Chairman having held several positions on the club committee over the years. Since 2015 he has been working with Pat Sutcliffe as a support coach at the HJCC. Andrew is supported in the running of the HYCC by Richard White, a HCC and HDPSCA committee member as well as a former secretary of the Yorkshire Chess Association. Both Andrew and Richard are fully DBS checked.

Yorkshire League 21/1/2017

posted 23 Jan 2017, 04:24 by Andrew Zigmond

Harrogate A suffered a 1-7 defeat to Bradford A with two draws from Mick Stokes and Brian Coop. The B Team lost narrowly 3-5 to Sheffield D with victories from Michael Johnson and Jim Postill. The C Team had a bye.

These results unfortunately tip the A Team into the relegation zone in the Woodhouse Cup. The B Team are now 8th in the IM Brown Shield.

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